Can't Name Marker

I can’t add a marker by selecting the pull-down menu in the marker window a choosing add marker. All options are grayed out in Nuendo 8 and Nuendo 7.

I can add a marker using the button on the Mackie Universal Control but I can’t name the marker. I also can’t delete the marker.

This is a problem (bug) that started after adding Nuendo 8.

Windows 10.

Not seeing that here.

In the marker window
Functions / Insert marker or Insert Cycle marker work as expected and the name can be entered in the description column.

Thanks, Stingray. It’s very strange that I suddenly have this problem in both Nuendo 7 and 8.

I didn’t have that issue here, either. I wonder what happened when you installed N8?

Any waves plug ins open by chance?

In Stereo,

It’s very odd that this behavior started about the time I upgraded to Nuendo 8 and that it affects Nuendo 7 and 8.

I also had a big Microsoft update in the same time period. That could also be the source of the problem.

Audio Monkeys,

Since your email, I opened a new project and disabled everything Waves that came with the template. Still have the problem.

Do you have a screenshot of what you see when you encounter this problem?


I finally got to the end of a project where I could grab a screenshot of the problem. All options under Markers, Functions were grayed out.

When I got ready to make a screenshot tonight, the problem was gone. It was with me for weeks despite starting from scratch with no template, deleting Waves and other plugins, etc.

I have no explanation except that computers sometimes do strange things.

Thanks for everyone who offered suggestions.