Can't Open a Ticket, VERY Frustrating!

I bought Dorico, and I’m having playback issues. I’ve searched the forum, to no avail. I would like to open a ticket. However, even though it shows as a registered product under “My Products”, when I switch to “My Support”, there are no registered products in the dropdown menu under “Registered Product”. What am I doing wrong? I’ve spent WAY too much time just trying to get help, and I still don’t have an answer to my initial question.

Just post your questions here on the forum. I don’t think it can be beat in terms of response time…

I did post the question here, but no one has been able to resolve my issue yet. I thought an official tech support person might be able to find the bug. I guess I’ll just keep trying stuff until something works. :slight_smile:

Have you tried

I found it hidden in the Help Menu at the top of the Dorico screen under “Support.”

I think our tech support is maybe not trained well enough with Dorico, yet, to answer your particular question. I followed up on your other post, please have a look there.