Can't open certain projects - plugins?

I have a long term album project. Band that’s in no rush. For some reason I have about 3 songs/projects that are crashing before opening, consistently. I have older projects from the same album that open fine and some more recent ones that open ok. I do the majority of my plug-in processing on groups. The crashing seems to be happening consistently when trying to load my drum group, which seems to me that it points to a particular plug-in causing the crash.

I’ve tried opening the projects in N6.5 and it makes no difference. I also downloaded 7.0.4 and it makes no difference.

My only thought on how to proceed at this point is to try to open the projects on another computer that has no plug-ins, then remove the plugs on the drum groups and move the project back to my computer. Anyone got any better ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Create a new blank song then open your crashing project but choose not to activate. If you know how to use windbg then you can also analyze the crash log to see if that provides and info as to what is making it crash.

Great idea! Thanks!

Well, the de-activated project wouldn’t open its mix window so I didn’t get to see exactly which plug was causing the problem. But I was able to trial-and -error it down to the bass and Electric guitar groups - so…I just deleted and recreated them. I’ll take it :slight_smile:.

Thanks for the help!

Hi Pier,

If you’ve still got a version of your project that is able to reproduce this crash I’d welcome you send me the crashlog in PM.