Cant open file, project hanging and then close

I hope to find some help from someone. I was almost finished with my project were the last thing i did in the project was to write out my scores for the simple children song. This was yesterday. Today when i open up the prodject it just stands there for som seconds and then Cubase go down. It.s just happens on that project. And some of the times i have got this messege. I have tried the things that stand in the message, but now luck.

Thought maybe someone in here with som more nolige , the last thing i did in this project was to mix it som more in the mixer on another screen. And today i was ready to get out a draft from it and put the scores to pdf. But i cant open it to do that :frowning: :unamused:
And i don’t now how to read something from that dmp file that i found but it was nothing i could found out of it.
I have heard that scors can be complex to work in Cubase with, but i think it’s a really nice tool to get out a simepl song.

Someone that can help me?? :wink:


Most often this is due to a plug-in crash. Try to rename your plug-ins folder and start Cubase without plug-ins, please.

If there is dmp file created, attach it here, please. We could have a look, which plug-in is crashing (if it’s a plug-in).