Cant open mac .cpr project on the PC?

Im having real difficulty opening projects on my same spec PC I’ve started with my macbook pro.

For example, on the PC, the opening sequence halts when trying to load the superior drummer plugin (which is identiaclly installed on my PC as it is on my laptop).

Any ideas?


Did you use the AU version of the plug on the Mac and VST on PC?

Even on Mac, Cubase cannot open AU plugins, unless inside a shell, such as Kore or Bidule (or the new Metaplugin from DDMF). I’m not sure how that would translate when trying to migrate that over to PC (but why would one ever try to load an AU plugin into Cubase Mac via a shell, if that plugin already has a native VST version?)

My mistake. Was trying to load a 32bit mac project into 64 bit Cubase on PC. It loads just fine on 32bit PC Cubase.

It should open ok on C6 64bits, if you’ve installed the 64bits version of SD…