Can't Open My Elements Trial

I have AI on my soft license, and an Elements trial on my USB license. When I open Cubase, it always opens AI. I tried high-lighting my Elements license on ELCC as suggested on another thread, but it still opens AI. What am I doing wrong?




In the Preferences (General, I guess), there is an option to don’t ask again, if you want to start Cubase Trial. Make sure, this option is disabled, please.

Thanks, Martin (although it sure took awhile - you need some help!). Yes, I can open it now, although I now have only 4 days left on the trial. No matter, Elements is so similar to AI that I already have what I need to know. I realizw now that only Cubase Pro will let me work in staff view the way I need to. I’m not ready at this time to make that purchase. But I will keep an eye on it for the future. No DAW is perfect, we are all searching for something better!