Cant open old Sx2 projects in Cubase Essential 5

OK so I just bought a copy of Essential 5 and was given a hard drive from my collaborator with our old projects which were recorded using SX 2. Since loading and activating Essential 5, I find that I cannot load the old files or some of the files recorded under Cubase Studio 5. Is this an issue because I have a stripped down version of Cubase? Do I need to upgrade to a higher version?

Old projects:

Essential 5 will not as far I know, open Studio 5 projects, but Studio 5 will open Essential 5.

You will still have the same issues with the old files if you upgrade to Studio 5 or full C5, but hopefully you’d be able to open Studio 5 files!

Thanks Ian. I downloaded Se 3 as a workaround to give it a shot and open some of my old files. When I try to load an old project from SX 2 I get the following message: Project “yadda yadda yadda.cpr” is Cubase SX version 2.2.0. Version 3.0.3 of Cubase SE cannot load it. Am I still having an issue because Se 3 is a barebones sequencer?

It would appear that Se3 will not read Sx2, you need Sx3!

Compatibility chart here:

You can download Sx3 for free from steinberg too.

Bear in mind, I haven’t actually done this, but had been thinking of giving it a shot. Until now, if I’ve returned to old projects, I just pulled the raw midi and audio files over. I was just looking into it this morning before you posted though, so curious to hear how you get on.

Looking at that compatability chart, Ess 5 is very limited and this is dissapointing considerding the price of almost $200 and being PC software I cannot return it. Wish I saw this before I made the purchase. Now Im stuck with pulling over my tracks individually.

Also apprears the licence for Ess 5 only works with Se2 as it wont allow me to install SX3. Just keeps getting better.

Well, of course it won´t let you. You paid for the Essential / SE line of the software. If you want to use the top line version (which SX3 once was) you need to purchase a top line license (like everyone else) for the top line price - simple…

Cubase Studio will open pre version 4 files.

Thanks for the patronization. I assume offering helpful and considerate advice is not your forte?

Considering I paid almost $200 for this product you would think something as simple as allowance to open an old project wouldn’t be an issue. Now I’m being “forced” to pay an additional $200 to upgrade to the studio version (which costs $330 to buy alone figure that one out) just to open these projects??? Very disappointing, and whats even worse is I had to register this software to post a help topic on this forum. This will be the last Steinberg product I purchase period.

Just like you, I assume, it is probably not…

I would have found it very disappointing if you could use SX3, which I once paid something like € 700 for (IIRC), with your almost $ 200 (only) license for Essential 5, so it all depends on the point of view…

Would be bit confused if Studio 5 would be able to open old SX2 files as it is “SL” equivalent ?

On a general note, we are aware of these annoying incomaptibilities between different versions and variants and with our upcoming Cubase versions we start improving this to a certain extend and will continue to do so from then on. Don’t expect to be able to load everything into everything but this situation will improve over the upcoming product cycles.