Can't Open Project

I can’t open a project I was recently working on. I went to open it and saw the highlighted cpr file, clicked open, then it showed the window again and the files were no longer highlighted. Clicked open again and nothing happened. Went to my backups and the same thing happened. Everything had been backed up about an hour prior to this happening. I have everything backed up in 3 places. I even went to backups that were 3 weeks old. All the files were highlighted but none would open. I even closed Cubase and restarted the computer. Not sure how to resolve this. I’m using a Macbook Pro with Elements 8. I have no problem opening other projects, only this one. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

That’s odd, especially the backups not loading. Maybe a plug-in that doesn’t play nice with others?

You might be able to recover some of the project by creating a new project and then using the function to import tracks from another project (not at DAW to give exact name).

I tried that and it didn’t work. I was able to get the track into the new project, but all u could see was the tracks with no waveforms on them. This is strange. Thanks Raino.

If it is only audio tracks, what happens when you import the underlying audio files into the pool of a new project. If that’s messed up it would suggest a corrupted audio file. That would explain the situation with the backup since they’d all be referencing the same audio files. If you have a standalone audio editor can it open the audio files, or even just play it with whatever you use on a Mac?