Cant open the instructional CPR files.

The ones on the C6 installation disc. I wasn’t able to open the ones that came with C5 either. Is there something special I have to do?

Now the only way I can open a project I have made is to first open Cubase6 then import the .cpr file from the file menu and activate it. What could have gone wrong with Cubase? I even tried rebooting.

Sounds like some corruption of your windows file associations.

In your folder options unassociate cpr from Cubase exe & then reassociate it (or delete it entirely in file associations& then recreate it)

Sorry I don’t understand. What folder options? Windows or Cubase? And how do I unassociate and reassociate?

Windows associations by the look of Grim’s answer.

Right click on any cpr & open properties. Under the name it should say opens with Cubase 6.

Click change & deselect Cubase by selecting any other program in the list & hitting OK…then change again & this time use the browse option to point to your Cubase6 exe.

Hey Grim,
Thanks man. Will try it this afternoon. I really appreciate you taking time to help me. :smiley:


This didn’t work for me. Thanks for trying though.

I can right click on .cpr files and choose “open with” cubase5 and it opens ok except it says Halion Sonic cant be found (Which I was expecting). But when I right click and choose “open with” cubase6…it says it can’t open the .cpr.

Although I can drag the .cpr into my Cubase6 icon on my desktop and it opens fine.

I have been using Cubase6 for a couple months without any problems. Now, all of a sudden , it won’t open files.
Anyone else have any ideas I can try???

I guess the old favourite - trash preferences is the next thing to try…if that’s no good, I’m out of ideas I’m afraid.[productfamily]=2