Cant open UAD plugins on inserts (need help)

hello Steinberg and forum members

Today something strange happened: was mixing a song and went out for a lunch brake. Came back and opened Nuendo and the project I was working on before. Some plugins that where loaded before on some inserts DID not showed in the insert and the plugin cant even be loaded if I click ANY insert and choose the same plugin to load.

Suppose if I was using a SSL Bus Comp in the 1 insert slot. The plugin dont appear anymore there. If I click the slot to choose the plugin, click in the plugin name and nothing happens. The plugin doesnt load.

I’m using Nuendo 4.3 32bits on Windows 7 64bits. Latest UAD drivers.

Any help? This is really annoying.

If you reboot the PC the situation is back to normal isn’t it ?
Maybe the UAD card will not resume properly from a power save mode and become unavailable for the system.
Try to disable any power save options to see if that helps.


Actually I dont need to restart de computer. I just need to close the project and if I create a new one or open a different project the plugins that DID NOT opened can be open now. But if I open the problematic project it still does not open the plugins.

It’s quite a strange situation and the repro is exactly the same, some plugins just doesnt load in the respective insert when I click on their name. Nothing happens :S

No way to solve this until now… :S

Sounds like that your project file is corrupted.
Do you keep any previous version for testing ?


Yes I have previous versions.
This isnt happen in just one project. Today started mixing a new song and the same happening.
Just sent an email to UAD tech support too.


Here’s a thought.
What happened when you went for lunchbreak - did you close Nuendo down, or just leave it open?

Sorry for the delay and thanks for your help.

I just made a full format and installed MAC OSX. Everything runs smooth there. No problems so far.


I have the same problem :unamused: my dealer suggested it may be an issue with the registry…
Guess I’ll reinstall my OS as well, it is so ennoying :imp: