can't open Virtual Keyboard

Hej, I can’t open the virtual Keyboard. Evertime I hit the Keycommand or use the window action, the TTransportbar will open - but not closed . . . . Another Keycommand also doesn’t work.

Nuendo 8.0.10 Build 158 64bit MacOS 10.10.5

Same issue here.

same issue here.
maybe toggle problem ?

and Cubase must have a toggle key command system like logic pro.

same issue

Alt + K doesn’t work.

Only work if enable manually from Device Menu and then press F2 to hide it (and disable as well)

I have just seen that this is for Nuendo, but in Cubase 9.0.20 there is the same issue.

Same issue here. Any update?


Same issue here. Cubase 9.0.20 Mac. Anyone from Steinberg listening?

Interesting… I’m just doing all my KeyCommands with a nice print out and indeed, ALT K seems to think it’s F2 (Well… Not exactly!)

Edit: The Keyboard is on the transport bar, unhide it, job done!

Same issue. After fiddling with the UI, I can get the thing to work, but it’s broken when using a key command.