Can't open VST Connect Pro anymore

I’ve been using VST Connect Pro to record my friend. We have a project that was working relatively well, but after a recording session yesterday, I’ve encountered a big issue. I recorded some takes, then I went to the Manager page to grab the HD files, but it said there were 0 available. I don’t understand why I wasn’t able to get the HD files. I went to the VST Connect Pro menu to ‘Check and Repair Configuration’, but the only option that was enabled was ‘Create VST Connect’. I tried clicking on this and it said “Another VST Connect version is running. Please remove it and try again.” Fair enough - so I closed the VST Connect window. I’m not able to actually remove the VST Connect through the menu though. The only option I have enabled is ‘Create’ and I keep getting the message that a VST Connect version is already running. How do I get my VST Connect back, and why was it unable to recognize there were HD files to download in the first place? Can someone please assist?

Thank you!

Hi Rob,

are you talking about version 5?

Are you sure that the MASTER Channel was Rec-Enabled?

Have you opened multi-projects?

Thank you,

If all else fails, remove - as far as available:
a) VST Connect Input Channel in Studio/Audio Connections/Inputs
b) VST Connect Cue channel in Studio/Audio Connections/Control Room
c) VST Connect Monitor plugin in Control Room Mixer/Monitor
Then apply Create VST Connect again.

Hi Spork, yep, using version 5 (Cubase 10.5). I’m sure that the master channel was rec-enabled. Not sure what you mean by multi-projects. I’m only working in one project.

musicullum, thanks for those steps. I was able to remove everything and successfully choose ‘Create’, but when I close the VST Connect window, I’m back where I started (only ‘Create’ is enabled, every other VST Connect option is disabled). Very frustrating. I’ll probably have to pull everything in that project we’ve done so far into another project and start fresh.

Closing the VST Connect windows merely closes the visual editor, not VST Connect as such. Find the VST Connect Input Channel, there VST Connect is probably still inserted and activated (?). Maybe that is confusing you.
Nevertheless, the “Open VST Connect Editor” and “Remove VST Connect” options should be available. What you describe is unique, haven’t heard that from anybody else. Are you sure Control Room is enabled? Check if there are too many Cue Channels in Control Room, other than that I’m running out of ideas. Maybe send a picture of Control Room settings.

Yes, it’s very strange, and I’m not sure how I got in this state. Here are some screenshots:


Control room:

The menu:
I’ve taken steps to remove the VST input, the VST Cue, the talkback that was added, and all Performer tracks that were added. Once I do this, I can successfully create and open the VST Connect window, but the menu still shows only Create enabled, and once I close the VST Connect window, I’m unable to get it back (because the Open option is disabled). I have to go through the steps of removing and recreating everything again.

This had been working ok and we were able to get some recording done, but at some point this seemed to have happened.

I also notice this - every time I re-add VST Connect back, the loading dialog that used to pop open, then automatically close once everything was created doesn’t go away until I click the close button:
Even though it never closes, the VST Connect window does open and it seems usable (until I close it and can’t get it back).

Not sure if this is loading screen is relevant to the problem, but I thought I’d mention it. Maybe something isn’t loading all the way so Cubase doesn’t recognize that the VST Connect instance is actually there when it is.

Ugh, ok, I thought this was an issue only with the current project I’m working on, but now I’m seeing the same issue with brand new blank projects as well. I’m going to try an uninstall/reinstall.


Open your “MixConsole”. Locate the “VST Connect” Input Channel. The “VST Connect PRO” Plug-In is inserted to Slot #1. Click to the “e” button to open the “Channel Settings”. Click again to the “e” button of Slot #1 to open the editor of VST Connect. That’s the same workflow as you would trigger the menu.
This is working, right? And this setting is saved to your project, yes?
Questions: Which VST Connect version are your running? Which Operating System?

See you

Hey Michael, I’m running the latest version of VST Connect Pro on Windows 10. I was able to fix this problem by doing a full uninstall/reinstall of Cubase 10.5.

… really? Strange. But sometimes a re-installation helps. Thank you for your info. Have a nice evening,