Can't pan HALion Sonic Sounds

I’m writing a choral piece and using HALion Sonic SE3 Choir Aahs (GM 053). When I pan them in the HALion VST directly, the output doesn’t get panned when I play keys on the keyboard, and when I hit play, the panning settings snap back to center on all channels (but they didn’t work anyway).

I’ve also tried panning directly in the Dorico mixer, and it also makes no difference.

How can I do this?

I find that when I adjust the pan in Dorico’s Mixer, the sound is panned as I expect, and the adjustment made to the pan slider is retained when you play back. The pan value also affects both playback and the notes I play on my MIDI keyboard.

Perhaps you could attach the troublesome project here so we can take a look?

Sure, here’s an attached file. I do find that when I pan using the Dorico mixer, the sound “changes” (gets louder/quieter), but it doesn’t actually pan. And the pan sliders in the VST continue to snap back to center when clicking “play.”

NoPan.dorico (607.0 KB)

Your project pans correctly for me, too. Are you on Windows or Mac? Is it possible that you’re only hearing sound through one channel? If you pan all the way to the right, do you hear any sound at all?

Hi @Peter_Romero and @dspreadbury ,

indeed, looking at the project data, that is the problem: Peter’s headphone device only turns up as mono device. To fix this, please read this thread.

Hey friends,

I’m not sure what the issue was. I got a new pair of headphones and it seems to be working now. The pan effect is still very minimal, but I can hear it now. Thanks for the tips!

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Hi @Peter_Romero , in order to make really sure, please load a project and then do from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks