can't press the menu (file, edit, project, audio ect) and ERROR R6025

i have win 10 64
cubase 10 pro

when i open cubase 10 pro i can’t press and see the options (it works only 1 time after i open the software and when i try again, it won’t work again)

for example if i want to click on file and than export, it will work only one time, after that i cant press on file, edit ect.

another problem is
microsoft visual c++ runtime eror
R6025 - pure virtual function call

i noticed that it only happensx when i record 2 channels of bfd 2drums plugin. any way to fix it? why this is happen?

please try to help
thank you

Hi and welcome,

I would say, these problems are linked. Install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (depending on your system). Make sure, your system is up to date, please.

thank u for the response.
what do u mean depending on my system?
how do i find the right one?

i have 64bit windows 10. in the update windows i installed all the updates.


Reinstall the Visual C++ Redistributable Package Visual Studio 2013

i tried it and it still doesn’t work.
Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013

maybe another verison?
any other solution??


I wonder Cubase installer didn’t ask you to install it. Could you try to run the full installer once again, please? Please make sure you unZIP the installer first. Also make sure, you install it as administrator.

i found what couses the problem. very weird but the high contrast theme (or filter) in windows did the problem.

i wonder why it happens.

can it be fixed? i can just disable it but i want to enable the filter contrast all the time. its good for the eyes.


Thank you for the info, that’s interesting.

You asked, if it’s possible to fix it. Does it mean it worked in previous Cubase version(s)? My guess is, that by enabling the filter, Windows stop to use some part of GUI, which is necessary for Cubase. If my guess is correct, then I’m afraid there wouldn’t be an easy fix.