Can't print or export to A3 : option no available

I have setup my Full Score layout options to A3.
I will (print or) export it to A3, I can’t select, it’s not available.

Looking further it is Mac OSX based. I don’t know why. In Finale I could export to A3 PDF.
Anybody experience how to handle this?

On Windows, selecting my pdf driver, I got 79 options, incl. A0 (!). But the options vary depending on the selected printer. All my printers present the A3 option though, even if they don’t handle that physical paper size… It’s probably different on Mac, but I’d guess it’s not Dorico’s fault…

I can print in A3. But I have a A3 printer/scanner installed.

May be, that it depends on the PDF-driver. Dorico uses it’s own, I think. You could try another (adobe acrobat, ghostscript or something free) and use it as a printer-substitute. May be that this PDF-driver provides A3, A2, …

Mmm…ok…thanks for the answers. I will look to add another PDF Printer or printer with A3 options.

The page sizes displayed in the printing panel are derived from your current printer, which is why there is no A3 option.

For graphic export, the layout page size is used, so your exported PDF will be A3 anyway.

We keep the Page Setup section of the UI visible for graphic export so you can change the orientation or scaling; however, we should probably disable or hide the page size control as its value is ignored.