Can't print score to file

I want to email a score to someone, so I chose to print to file. I get window showing local port and message:
X Could not open the file: access is denied.

Print to a pdf printer instead,

How? Where is such a choice?

Steve, this is Cubase 8.5. Pressing Control P opens the pool., not the printer. Again: I am in page mode. I have the score open. I go to file menu and choose print. I choose ‘print to file’. I look at the preferences, and are OK. I click on print. then it is ‘output file name’ with an empty box. I type the name of the song and get:
Could not open the file. Access is denied.

Actually, Cubase Key Commands a fully customizable. So your setup has ctrl-p set to open the pool, others have it assigned to whatever they want. Mine is set to Score Edit>Page Mode for example.

Use the Print command, in Cubase, whichever key it might be set to, or just use your mouse and invoke it from the menu.

Still no solution. Inc Cubase 8.5, I removed the Control P from the assignment to open the pool. If I then use Control P while on the score page window, nothing happens. If I use the print in the menu and go to print to file, same result as before.

OK, since no one understand the problem, and I can’t take screen shots, as the boxes close when I try, I took pix with cell phone and downloaded on another computer. So I have score open in page mode. I go to file, print, and choose print to file.

Thn I am prompted for output name.

I put the song name as what else should I put?

Access denied. Thus I can’t print.

Try entering the full path and file name in that box, so it knows where you want the file to write to… (I think this should work).

Or, check you have admin rights to the location where you are pointing to…

BTW - its difficult to ‘engage’, when the round trip to wherever you are in our solar system is taking, on average, around 20+ days to get a response back from you…

The option “Print to file” is not created by Cubase but by the Windows OS. It is a somewhat outdated option.

If the print to file is successful the resulting file is not a document that looks like a score sheet but it will be a set of instructions for the printer that you selected so that that particular printer can print the file at a later stage.

In case you want to print the score sheet to a PDF file you need to install a PDF printer driver. In later version of Windows it is included but it seems in your version of windows it is not. So you’ll have to take care of that yourself.

So I will bump you back to Steve’s link:

I didn’t know what more to do when I explained it and couldn’t use the snip to show what I was talking about, so I was stuck. I also have a bunch of other unresolved problems, taking up time. So I used the cell phone to show the screen and then and to go to another computer to upload as the DAW one doesn’t have the right port. I entered the full name and path and then it said “file already exists. Overwrite?”. I wasn’t going take a chance on that.

Doesn’t the fact that I can read the Cubase documentation and it says it’s a PDF file, mean I have it installed?

No. For reading a PDF you use a PDF reader or viewer software. That is not the same as a PDF printer driver. Some PDF applications come with both, a reader app and a printer driver.

I don’t understand why you don’t use Google to inform yourself about this topic as suggested. This has nothing to do with Cubase but everything with Windows.
We have given you all the hints that we can give in this forum.
If it helps you in any way: I once fell in the same trap as you, trying to “print a file”. I assume there are many more people on planet earth that misunderstood that little option in the Windows printer dialog.

Have you this option? If this is installed it will show up in your print dialog, and you’ll be able to print to a pdf.

Or there’s this freebie:

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So now I have Cubase 13, and can select print to PDF. but I think someone mentioned that is just a set of instructions so not a picture to send to someone. Is the only way, to shrink the on screen view of a page to show all and use snipping tool?

“Print to File” is a set of instructions.
“Print to PDF” will produce a Portable Document File of your score which can be opened with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, or a number of other programs.