Can't purchase 4 > 6.5 update?

I’ve been trying to buy an upgrade from cubase 4 to 6.5 on the website, but the shop says update from Cubase 4 or 5 is not available in my country? doesn’t make sense, I’m in the usa, but I also tried vpn in the uk… I also don’t seem to be able to choose download?? only boxed product… I don’t get it, but I’d like to buy it so I get the Cubase 7 grace update.

The full 6/6.5 has never been downloadable. Only the update from 6 to 6.5 which is no longer available.

sorry thanks for your help, but I’m still confused, I’m just trying to buy the upgrade, so do I have to wait until 7 is released or something?

You said it gives you the “boxed product” option, correct?

No, it’s only boxed product selected, but it says ‘Sorry. This product is not available in your country.’ , it’s fine if I select the full version or Cubase studio, but there doesn’t seem to be an upgrade path from cubase 4 or 5, in my country, which is USA or UK.

screen shot

That’s odd :confused:

I’m in the USA and this is what I’m seeing …

I think it’s because I bought it in the UK and it’s chaining my country to that, I don’t mind buying it from the UK… but it doesn’t seem to be working for the UK… there must be a way of purchasing the upgrade if your in the UK?

You could try to find a retailer that still has a 4 -> 6.5 update. Sweetwater is still showing them in stock, for example.

Thanks for your help, I think get it now, I didn’t realise these were boxed products for the most part… my only concern is upgrading from a UK bought Cubase 4 to a USA 6.5, I don’t think it’ll be a problem though, I’m wondering if it’s wiser to wait until 7 or is it cheaper to get a 6.5.

It will be cheaper if you can find a 6.5 update available to get you into the 7 grace period update than if you update to 7 directly from 4.

Thanks Scab, I went ahead and purchased from sweetwater… really appreciate your help, I’m sure it’ll be plane sailing.

Cool. Remember you can run 6.5 with your 7 license if you wanted to start with a proven stable (for most folks including me) release.

When your package arrives just install the latest eLCC and enter your new activation code and you should be set.