Can't Purchase Cubase in Saudi Arabia

I am from Saudi Arabia and live there, and I’ve been using Cubase Elemental which came free when I purchased my YAMAHA guitar amp. and since this was a free version, some of the features are missing, so I was attempting to purchase the newest full version of Cubase LE but in the payment page, Saudi Arabia was not listed in the billing information to complete my purchase.

Is there any solution to this, as I am happy with Cubase and don’t think to switch to another DAW?

Can anybody help?

Sorry, this is a user forum - so we literally can’t help.

But if you go to the online store where you tried to make the purchase and follow their help links you should be able to get some assistance. Humm, the link I copied was in English, but it pasted in German

Also in the US we can buy it through local music stores like Guitar Center or Sweetwater, perhaps that’s another option for you?

Good luck

To add to @raino’s post- if you do buy elsewhere, know that the license is not region specific. Support in some countries support is delegated to a 3rd party shop- this forum will provide info faster and better.
Also, any activation code you use gets you the latest version of Cubase, as long as it’s new, in the box. So if you buy Cubase v10.5 you will get v11.

Do you know this store?