Can't Quantise to 16th notes

Strange thing happened on Cubase Pro 9. I suddenly don’t have an option to quantise to 16 notes. The choice goes from eighth notes to thirty-second notes. I have ALL the other values - All the dotted, all the Triplet, but straight 16ths don’t exist. What has happened here? My song is in straight 16ths now I can quantise anything. Have tried re-booting and opening another song but no change…

As a last resort you could click on the Quantize Panel and when you select a preset you will notice at the bottom of the list ‘Restore Factory Presets.’

Hope this helps?

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James Colah

Thanks for the reply. I only see “reset All”. I tried changing a few things then hit reset all but the problem remains. I did a system restore on windows 10 but still no change. I think I may have to reinstall Cubase…

There is no reset all when you open the quantize panel.

Please see pic attached!