Can't quit Dorico gracefully...

Hi folks,

Slowly getting used to Dorico, especially the support for external libraries is fabulous!

A slight problem: I can’t quit Dorico after having used it together with Vienna Ensemble Pro (I am using version 5, could this be an issue?), have to force quit both Dorico and VEPro. And even after that I have to manually force quit a process (“Synsopos”) from the Activity monitor before I can run Dorico again. Probably something to do with the e-licenser?

Any clues how to fix this?

My system:
OS X 10.13.6.
Latest Dorico

thanks, best,

Jussi Lampela

We have currently a known issue with VEPro in that it crashes Dorico’s audio engine on quit, a fix will come out with the next Dorico update.
Your issue on the other hand looks slightly different. It’s definitely a good idea to install the very latest eLicenser software,
you can grab it from here:
Please try that out and see if it gets any better.


and thanks, already installed e-licenser’s latest version several times. Will wait for a fix…