Can't raise volume in Events using Draw tool in Cubase 6.5

I have seen older posts with the same issue and am hoping there is a known solution in 6.5.

I am not able to raise the volume curve manually in an event using the Draw tool. I am able to set and delete the curve points. As I drag the segment line up and down I see the waveform get larger and smaller as it should however I am only able to lower the volume, not raise it. My goal is to boost the volume for short vocal and guitar phrases where needed without retracking. I don’t wan’t to use automation, raise the entire volume of the segment or mask performance nuances with compression. Is there an overriding issue I am unaware of? If this is a known limitation of 6.5 what newer version would have this function with complete manual control. Thanks

That´s how the function is designed - in any version

Thanks for the reply. It is possible to raise and lower the volume curve in Cubase 5 VST 32. I would think it’s a standard feature as I know it’s also in PT.
This Cubase 6.5 tutorial video states you can raise and lower volume at about the 18:00 mark:
If there’s something I’m overlooking please advise, having manual control over raising and lowering volume with the Draw tool is quicker than splitting events and having to create fades, overdubs, etc.

Well, then use VST 32 or Pto Tools

Yes you can raise the volumne with event envelopes, but only if yxou lowered it before. You can not raise it higher than the event volume itself, which as I understood it, was your question? . If you want to raise it, you need to use the volume handles or track automation.

Yes, I wanted to raise it higher than the event with the draw tool. Thanks for the clarification, much appreciated.