Can't reactivate after new install same error about server

So it’s 2019, Steinberg still don’t offer any live support, making what could be a two hour problem into one that takes days due to their slow ticket turnaround and only working European office hours.
I live in Bangkok, the local supplier here is a subsidiary of Yamaha, should you call their number (and speak Thai, I do) they are surprised every time that they are the listed local support and that they are the official partner of Cubase.
I have used and loved program since the Atari 1040ste days, however their product support has always sucked, they treat customers with a contempt that staggers the imagination.
I got response to my question, it was a runaround with bunch of irrelevant links unrelated to the issue.
Pro tools is looking mighty tempting.

If you ask a question here you will very likely get an answer. So go for it.