Can't Reactivate

Finally, got a new computer. I want to move my license and Cubase software to the new computer. I know to do this I need to reactivate my license on the new computer. I have installed Steinberg Download Manager and e-Licenser Control Center. Both open fine.

In my e-Licencer, my licensed Cubase with its soft e-Licenser number shows. But when I put this into the ‘reactivate license’ it does not accept it, saying it is an old ‘soft e-Licenser number’! So how do I get a new one if I can’t register on my new computer? I don’t have a copy of Cubase installed either, as I can’t download it until I get access to it via a new activation number. Can somebody please tell me what the issue is to correct this?


As far as I know, we solved this, right?

Please write the solution here to let the others who will find this thread to know.

Thanks to Martin for his help and everyone else that tried to help. I finally got everything going and working fine. I found out that my original eLicenser Control Centre had not been updated for over a year. So that is why it would not accept reactivation. Once I updated it, the reactivation worked. Once it was reactivated, I was able to download a copy of Cubase and reinstall it on my new computer.