Can't read this text: UX/Design problem, bug, or is this okay?

I am trying to learn how to use some features in the software. So I’m looking at my interface and trying to read information. I can’t read what’s listed under “Speakers”. Normally in traditional UI design, you create desaturated text with low contrast in order to communicate “disabled”. In other words the gray text in the image implies “disabled” but I know this happens inconsistently in Steinberg’s software.

Question: What’s going on with those settings under speaker? Is it disabled? Is it supposed to be legible? Does the color represent a specific state of the speakers?


You can see the channels/buses configurations (Stereo, 5.1, 7.1, …). This is just for the user’s information, it’s not really important and you cannot change it.

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I’m not sure if I understand. I can’t actually see those configurations but you’re saying that the information there is not relevant to me? It’s not supposed to be legible?


It’s readable in the default (and lots of other) settings. Unfortunately your colour profile is set so the colour of these objects are very close to the background colour.

Okay. It is supposed to be legible and it doesn’t represent “deactivated”? Okay. Confusing.

Regarding your last point, I hear what you’re saying but this is a default color preset. It’s labelled as “default” in the system. But I hear what you’re saying. It’s supposed to be visible but it’s not.

So we are settling for “this feature only works if you don’t use the other feature”?
Is Cubase becoming the equivalent of a banana republic?

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Their UX/UI is broken however I actually can’t tell if they know that it’s broken. For example, do the developers actually know that a default color setting makes some text illegible? If they do, why not remove the offending color defaults? It’s a mystery and as such it makes learning this software that much more difficult. Great examples for my UX class though. I often discuss this software to my students.


This is the default color scheme: