Can't reassign F1 key

I can’t seem to reassign my F1 key to anything other than ‘help’. When I type it into the key selection field in the key commands window, it opens a help dialogue. How ironic!

That’s because Windows not Cubase designates that F1 opens the help or documentation for any program.

I think on Mac there is an option in keyboard prefs to use F keys as standard function keys or similar.

Not sure if that will make any difference though as Raino says F1 is hardwired in Windows and maybe is the same in Mac??

Thanks, I didn’t even notice the OP was on a Mac. :blush:

Hi guys, replied from my phone but it didn’t go through.

Yes on a mac you can switch the F keys so that they become standard function keys, which is what Ive done, but within cubase it seems F1 is locked. F1 is not hardwired on mac, as I can use it for other functions in other applications. Anyway, its not the end of the world…