Can't record audio to Cubase using Yamaha MOX8 USB Cable

Well, I’ve tried, but I just can’t get any audio to record to Cubase AI5 via my Yamaha MOX8 using the USB cable. I’ve throughly read & I believe I’ve followed the Basic Audio Recording I steps provided at Motifator (Yamaha forum)correctly, but still nothing. I have updated my Cubase AI5 to the latest version (5.1.1 Build 120) & I’ve also updated my Yamaha Steinberg USB driver 64-bit (Version 1.6.3). Since I can’t get a real response to my problem at Motifator, I decided to give this forum a try.

Computer I’m using is a Dell Inspiron, Windows 7 64 bit.

I would really appreciate someone’s help with this matter.

Windows Control panel
Click the Record Tab
What device is shown?

The windows record settings usually don´t have to do anything with the Cubase settings though…

Finally, figured it out. It had to do with the port I was using. Thanks for responding.

USB3 perchance ?

I think I have a similar problem. What did you do to make it work?


Did you follow the examples posted at Motifator? Don’t skip any steps…users often write they have “the latest drivers” and “installed it all correctly” when in fact that’s not really true :confused: