cant record drum track

Hi All

I am a newbie to Cubase and cant record a drum track (using the inbuilt Groove agent 1).
I can here the drums and can see the input level indicator go up when I hit the pads.
Hit record on the instrument track, it looks like its working, hit stop and then the new ‘recorded track’ vanishes.

I cant select ‘Open Drum editor’, it is grayed out.

Settings are (on the left hand side):
Input: All Midi Inputs
Instrument: Groove agent 1

Program: Comp Kit +GM
Drum Map: GM Map

Also this is a trial version of elements 7.

If you want to record the patterns from GA, simply drag them from the pads to the instrument track. Otherwise playing the notes from a MIDI instrument should work as well.

To clarify…the triggering of pads on the instruments does not record. Same thing with keyboard instruments, those pads are for auditioning and assigning sounds only, not recording.

Use an external midi keyboard or pad controller, program the drums in key or drum editor or use Cubase virtual keyboard to trigger from your computer keyboard.

If editor opening option is not available it’s probably because you haven’t created a part to edit.
Set locators to the length you want & double click on the area between them for that track.

Yes ! The double click inside the markers did it.
Thank you V much for responding…may the music god give you a new riff…