Can't Record in Cubase 8 Artist

Hello Steinberg Community!

So I recently purchased Cubase 8 Artist and was attempting to record some vocals through my MXL 770 microphone which was plugged into my Alesis iO2 express. Based off of previous threads, I learned to download and install the ASIO4ALL driver, so I did. After doing so, I was pleased to see that Cubase was indeed recording- I could see waves in the recording block.

However, when I tried to play back what I recorded, no sound came out. Prior to installing the driver, Cubase played sound, but with the new driver, it does not. So I tested my sound in Spotify and YouTube, and I both played sound. So, then I concluded that the driver and Cubase do not work well together.

What should I do because I’m very eager to put out some new tracks!

Michael Schwob

Does the Mixer show sound having been recorded and indeed if so does it show sound on the output?

How are you monitoring?

I don’t know what “monitoring” means…

But yes, the mixer did show sound having been recorded. I don’t know if it was on the output, since I uninstalled ASIO4ALL after finding out it doesn’t work.

Monitoring means listening to…how are you listening back to the audio you have recorded?

ASIO4ALL is not the best driver out there, but if there isn’t a dedicated ASIO driver for your Alesis unit you need it.

I’m listening to it through my computer speakers.

What other drivers do you suggest for my alesis unit?

I attached a screenshot of what my software looks like. I just can’t hear anything.

If the Alesis doesn’t have dedicated ASIO drivers I’d stick with the ASIO4ALL drivers. I don’t think this is the issue.

From the screen dump of the sound playing back I assume Cubase has succesfully recorded (Audio 3 wave) and is playing back that sound (even if you can’t hear it).

As far as I can see from the screen dumps you posted you’re outputting the audio to the Alesis unit so wouldn’t expect to hear it from your computer’s speakers if they’re plugged into the PC’s sound out socket. Have you tried monitoring with headphones or speakers plugged into the Alesis? This is the way you’d usually expect to work with Cubase.

…and this article might help too…