Can't record midi after install of CI2+

After I installed the CI2+ interface I can’t record midi w/VSTs. When not recording, I can monitor the playing of the VST just fine, for example, in the Grand 3, Halion Sonic, I can play those in standalone, or within Cubase 6 and hear them just fine. When I try to record midi parts in Cubase 6 the tranport bar will show that it is receiving input from the midi controller keyboad, but no sound and no recorded parts. I have an EMU Xboard 61 controller keyboard connected via USB to my system. In a prior configuration that worked, I had an EMU1616M PCE. Nothing else was different and that worked fine. The only thing that has been changed out is the interface with the CI2+ replacing the EMU 1616M. Old 1616m drivers have been removed and the CI2+ drivers installed. Have checked all I can think of as far as device setup, preferences, connections, timestamp, etc.

The Monitor and Record buttons have to be enabled to monitor during Record. Check the MIDI Timing link in my sig if nothing gets recorded.

yep - first thing I do BAU. still no go.

Resolved - I found out that somehow all of the Filters in the Record MIDI section of preferences had been turned on. I have no idea how this was done as I hadn’t been into the preferences settings for 6 months. Turned off the filters on the Record side and everything is working fine now.