Can't record or play midi

I just bought Cubase Studio 5
Installed on my PC with Windows XP
Using a K2600xs Kurzweil and M Audio USB midi cord.
Followed instructions for Midi
Can’t get it to work.
Spent 10 hours on it already.
Can anyone help?

Google shows several on line tutorials of how to setup cubase to record an external midi instrument… You might want to consider picking up one of the many excellent books on using cubase (I’m a fan of the “Cubase 5 Power” by Miller & Guerin)… If you’ve spent $500 on Cubase 5, it’s very well worth another $25 to get a book that has lots of examples of assorted setup situations…

But more directly, I’d suspect your external instrument might not be sending midi data to your computer… Once you add a midi track and select the input as “midi all” or is it “omni midi”, click the track record button and record on the transport, you should be seeing midi data…

Do you have the audio out of your keyboard connected to any speakers? Or is it just the MIDI cable going to the computer?

Do you have a MIDI cable connected to both the MIDI OUT and the MIDI IN on the keyboard?

Hello !

So, I guess at Kurzweil end you have a standard 5 pin DIN MISI socket and this M-Audio USB midi cord has standard USB at Computer end. Have you installed M-Audio drivers for this USB / Midi thingy ? Can you see that as a midi input device in cubase ?

Another guess - you are trying to use this keyboard as a controller for VSTis in Cubase and trying to record midi information into cubase - not trying to fire Kurzweil sounds from Cubase ?


Hi connie

…and are the IN and OUT the right way round?, I know, there maybe a few rolled eyes at me for saying that, but…erm… it tripped me up a few years ago, and I spend a couple of days trying to figure out why things werent working. :blush:

Hope you get it working soon!
All the best

sorry that most ppl here just ask a bunch of freaking questions than rather tell you how to do it! Check out these links: