Cant record the Guitar or Mic in Cubase LE 12


Now, my connections are properly set up, still I dont see the recording being done:

  1. When I “record Enable” a track and click the “play” button, ideally the recording should start, but the cursur on the track keeps on moving and nothing happens.
  2. Also, how do I move the cursur to the start positoin via mouse?

Please help.


  1. Are you on Windows or Mac? Are you talking about Audio/Instrument/MIDI Track? How is the Input setup?

  2. The , key (the right one from the M key on your computer keyboard.

Click the record button.

Thanks misohoza.
I have done the same but the curser still moves, the input audio signal (waveform on the track) is still blank .

Inout - Mono In 2
Output- Stero Out

Condensor mic with input 48V is also on.

What am I missing now?

ok this has been resolved. There was combinations of re-installaton of the drivers and reconnecting the sound card.

Thanks all for your help in this.

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