Cant record using boss pocket gt!

I am using my Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 And a boss pocket GT to record my guitar. I get a very distorted sound while recording, but when I play back the recording it has recorded no information. When I crank the volume all the way up on the pocket GT and I play back the recording from that I get a chopped up distorted sound, otherwise when I record normally without cranking the volume there is nothing… no information.
When I use the same exact setup to record with my old Line 6 pocket pod, I get no sound while according, but during playback of the recording I get good quality sound. This is blowing my mind because I’m using the same cables, the same chords for everything, I’m just swapping out the pocket pod for the pocket GT. One of them will not play sound while you’re playing, but will record. The other 1 will play crappy distorted sound while you’re playing but will not record. This makes absolutely no sense to me since what you’re giving the program to record with is just an audio signal from a 3.5 mm cable! I’ve tried this with my phone and my tablet and I get the same exact result. There is nothing wrong with the pocket GT because anything else I try to do with it it sounds perfectly fine and works the way it’s supposed to, same with the pocket pod. But when I try to use cubasis 3 I get this bullshit. I have wasted a full day and a 1/2 trying to figure this problem out with no results. I want my freaking money back or I need this problem fixed.
This is in my opinion just bad design. They obviously care much more for Apple But they have done a 1/2 ass poor job for android. What the hell gives? Does anyone have any solutions for this stupid problem??..

Hi @deamonslayers,

Thank you for your message.

We are sorry to read about your issues to use your Boss pocket device with Cubasis for Android.

Please note that the performance of Cubasis for Android strongly relates to the device and components in use.

Does the audio routing chapter of our Getting started with Cubasis tutorial helps, to succeed with your recording? While the tutorial has been produced with the iOS version of Cubasis, the steps should be similar.