Can't record via SPDIF?

Trying to record from the SPDIF output of a Tascam DA-20 DAT. There are various recordings at different sample rates - some at at 32kHz (long play) others are at 48kHz. I am going from the Tascam’s SPDIF output into an RME Fireface 400, using the latest drivers for Windows 10. I get the warning that the sample rate may not be correct - if I open the RME Fireface’s control panel I can change the sample rate to match what it states as ‘current’ and I can hear the file playing. If I go into the VST Audio connections settings of Wavelab either I can’t open the Fireface Control Panel at all most of the time, or if it does open and I change the sample rate there to the ‘current’ it just reverts back to 44.1kHz.

I was wondering if anyone encountered this problem and were able to fix it. I thought a possible solution might be to make Wavelab the slave but I can’t find anywhere that I can make that change.

I have reverted to just recording from the analog output of the DAT player, but naturally I would much rather being able to make a digital copy of the dat tapes via SPDIF.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You need to make the DAT the master clock source while you’re doing the transfer.

Thanks Mr Soundman - I have no idea how to do that (make the DAT the master clock source) any ideas?

In the Fireface’s settings, under Clock Mode, set it to the S/PDIF input you have the Tascam connected to. The Sample Rate drop-down should then be greyed out and the Input Status for that input should be “Sync”. When the transfer is finished, set it back to Internal and set the sample rate manually to match the sample rate of the recording you just transferred.

Thanks again Mr Soundman - those are the exact settings I had (although when the clock source is set to SPDIF the sample rate is not greyed out and can be changed). However the Input status does show Sync at 48k. Playback is fine though. But as soon as I open Wavelab the sample frequency is changed to 44.1kHz. If I then change the frequency to the correct 48kHz via either the RME Control Panel directly, or the same panel opened within the VST Audio Connections (which sometimes opens the panel and sometimes doesn’t which suggests there is some sort of issue there) it keeps reverting to 44.1kHz as soon as I hit record, which then generates the error message. So I’m not having any luck :frowning:

I appreciate your help and suggestions - thanks so much.

Do you have the record file format set to 48 in the record window?

bob99 you are genius. Changing that setting, which was pretty obvious, but alas not to me solved everything. I’m happily recording via SPDIF as we speak. Than you so much!

Thanks, but not at all. I just remember it being a factor to cause the error. Glad it works.