Can't record with MR816x

Purchased my new mr 816 last week…had some issues getting it installed but everything is working fine now with the exception that I can’t record anything. I am using the direct monitoring feature. When I plug a mic or guitar into my MR and find the channel in Cubase 5…I am able to adjust the volume within Cubase…I don’t see any input channel or metering on my mixer in cubase but I am able to hear it. When I record…nothing is recorded…really driving me nuts here…I upgraded my system in order to use the direct monitoring feature with Cubase 5 and the MR…it seems to have a pretty large learning curve…In the past I used an external mixer with a different interface but the features of the MR were very appealing to me.

Cubase 5
Intel 2.6 ghz dual core
3 g dd2 ram
asus p5k MB
MR 816x

If you don’t see it on the meter in Cubase, Cubase isn’t hearing it, even if you hear it through direct monitoring, so I think you have to check the connections in Cubase if you haven’t already. So that’s under Devices/VST Connections/Inputs. Then the channel has to have a valid input.