Can't register C6

Hi, when I try to register C6 at Steinbergs site I get the following message:

"The USB-eLicenser/Steinberg Key number you have entered is either not complete or unknown.

Registration is not possible for the following reason:"

That’s all… I have the latest eLicenser. This really shouldn’t be so complicated…

Did you get a brand new Copy of 6, or did you do the upgrade from an earlier version?

When I went to register my C6 after upgrading from C5, I got the same error message. However, when I checked my “Show Registered Products” in MySteinberg, it showed Cubase 6 as the registered “Cubase” product on my eLicenser, and not Cubase 5 as before. So, I am thinking that if you do an upgrade, and if your eLicencer is already registered with your MySteinberg account, it automatically updates when you install Cubase 6.

I upgraded, and yes, you are right, C6 is there.


Hello guys,

Please note that you can only register your USB-eLicenser once.
After that, all licenses inside it will be updated automatically. :slight_smile: