Can't register my new upgrade-It doesn't appear on MySteinberg

I bought an upgrade from Cubase elements to Cubase Artists a couple of days ago and it doesn’t appear on MySteinberg.
No wonder because Steinberg Online Shop and MySteinberg are different accounts.
Can someone tell me how do I attach the two accounts so Steinberg will be aware that it was me that purchased this upgrade, so I could use Cubase Artist on my computer?

I can’t remember very well, but I’m pretty sure you have to register your software yourself on MySteinberg.

Seems logical to me.
The only problem is, that I can’t tell how to do it when I’m on MySteinberg.

Forgot to mention, I tried to enter my activation code to my soft elicenser.
It it either doesn’t accept it, or I’m getting in some cases a weird message telling me my elicencer is too old, despite I installed ver

On MySteinberg there’s a red button that says “Register eLicenser/Software”.
It’s not clear to me if you’ve purchased the USB eLicenser or not. Your activation code for Artist is not supposed to work on a soft eLicenser.

No I don’t have a USB eLicenser.
I didn’t know the USB eLicenser is necessary, since I always used the Soft eLincenser because up to now I only had Cubase Elements 8.5.