Can't register Wavelab 10 Elements

So I bought Wavelab Elements 10 but cannot register it.
Made a support ticket (2 day’s ago) with all info but… nothing.
Nice way to earn money.

Register? You don’t need to register to run it.

Are you on Mac? To get Elements working on my laptop that shipped with Catalina, I had to do this:

Please follow these steps:

  • Close all programs.
  • Download this file:

Mac OS X 10.8 or newer:

Mac OS X 10.7

Mac OS X 10.6

  • Double-click the downloaded file.
  • Run the “eLC Installation”.
  • After the installation, start the reinstalled eLicenser Control Center (Applications folder).

When you open the eLicenser Control Center afterwards, it will display a blank Soft-eLicenser with a new number. With this number you can request a new WavbeLab Elements 9.5 activation code via “Reactivate” within your MySteinberg account.
After the activation of WaveLab Elements 9.5 on your new Soft-eLicenser, you can use your update activation code to WaveLab Elements 10.

@PG, Sorry, activate (in eLicencer).
@ Justin P, No PC. Thanks anyway.
I am upgrading from WaveLab LE 8

Great. Re-installed eLicenser to transfer WaveLab LE 8 to new soft licence but no way.
WaveLab has disappeared all together now. :imp:

Right. No respond what so ever on my service request in mySteinberg over the last couple of days.
So who is interested in a Upgrade to WaveLab Elements 10 for 30 euro?
Stay tuned, because shortly there will be more Steinberg products for sale here.
Or is there a better place to sell this to some poor bastard?

Do you have an account on MySteinberg? If so, your Le8 should be listed there to be reactivated on a new soft eLicenser. Follow the instructions on MySteinberg

Thanks for your response (sadly I can’t say that for Steinberg support).
I got my LE8 activated in my Soft-Licence again but still it won’t upgrade it to Elements 10… :frowning:

There was a very recent e-Licenser software update.

It may clear up some issues:

With your purchase you received an activation code for Elements 10, you have to insert it in the soft eLicenser. Then you will see your license for Elements 10 listed in the soft eLicenser

The problem was that the EL10 upgrade didn’t “see” the LE8 to upgrade in eLicence (last version).
Finally got a reaction from Steinberg support with a new LE8 key and that work. :smiley:
So problem seemed to be the ‘old’ LE8. Thanks anyway for your help guys.