Can't Remove Flow Titles :-(

Hi Team - First time post on the new forums hahaha, I used to be Sadhaka on the old one…

I have a project where I am unable to remove Flow Titles using the normal Layout Options > Page Setup > Flows > Show Flow Headings > Never option. Driving me crazy!

Any suggestions other than manually deleting the tokens?


Top right corner of Engrave mode is the pages panel. My guess is that the pages that are retaining their flow headings have red corners in that panel, indicating that they’re overridden. Right click on each page and go Remove Page Overrides - you’ll lose any manual tweaks you’ve made to Frames on those pages but they’ll be able to follow the global options again.


Dude, you’re seriously amazing - Thanks so much Leo, nailed it!

While I have been absent from posting for ages, I am still here pretty much every day and admire all the help that you (and other key members here) give to the community.

Cheers mate,

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Thank you, @pianoleo !
Even though it is an older post, it really helped me out today A LOT! :slight_smile:

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