Can't Remove Halion Created FX Track

I was exploring the FX section of Halion SE 3 in Cubase 9.5, and I tried to add an effect, but none of the effects were right so I didn’t add it. But since I did that, there’s an extra track in the mixer marked AUX FX 1. I can’t find any way to remove it. I can only find the option to hide it. The option to remove the track is greyed out in the Project Menu even if the track is selected. Right clicking produces a menu that would allow me to add another track, hide it, etc., but no option to remove it. What am I missing?

I should mention that within Halion, “none” is selected for each and every effect. That’s been the case since I tried the test effect and removed it.

I guess that the channel belongs to an extra output that Halion has created and that will only disappear if you disable the output. Have you checked Halion’s output channels? (from the plugin context menu, right click the plugin tool bar)

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