Can't remove slur or tie

I’m entering a piece of music. Without to enter an slur there is an slur. When I try to select the slur it select the first note also. I can’t remove them without remove the note.

Have you tried to delete the first note of the slur and reenter it (with insert mode enabled)?

I have a feeling that’s a tie. It’s the fact that the notes at each end are the same that makes me suspicious. Does pressing T turn the tie off?

It is not possible to press T and remove the tie. Also can do that on other notes with an tie.

Removing the first note is possible but that’s not the solution. It look like’s an bug.

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I’ve tried something. Pressing T for TIE will select the next note of the same pitch. The start note is an C. The next C is for 8 measures forward. There is no option to remove the TIE

Daniel mentioned there will be better tools for deleting ties soon. If you’ve just entered the tie then Undo should remove it.

If you have tied two notes a long way apart, the simplest way to remove the tie for now is to change the pitch of one or other of the notes that is tied together, which will remove the tie; you can then move the note back again and the tie should not reappear.

Ian is correct that better tools for removing ties are a high priority for us.

Thank you Daniel. I’m very happy with Dorico and with the Dorico team that is active on this forum!

I too can’t remove a slur without removing and re-entering notes. This is a real deficiency and should be addressed asap; the removing notes kludge is not satisfactory and often results in the offending slur simply moving to the next available note. We should be able to simply remove an unwanted slur. (My problem occurs in an imported XML file, so I can’t simply fix it quickly during step-time entry.)

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Please make sure you use slurs when you mean to use slurs, and ties when you mean to use ties. Deleting a slur is easy, but deleting a tie isn’t easy because tieing two notes together produces a single note of the combined duration of the two original notes, for good reasons.

Slurs and ties might look (sort of) the same (though they don’t really, in well-engraved music) but they perform neither the same function nor behave similarly in most scoring software, and Dorico is no exception in this regard.

Yes, sorry, my problem “slur” was in fact a tie.

The trial version keeps adding unnecessary slurs, and doesnt seem to distinguish a tie from a slur !

Can you show us a screenshot? I would not expect that behaviour.

Is it possible you’ve hit S during note input, expecting a slur to appear instantly, then hit S again, then again, then when you finally input another note all three slurs appear?

Could you go into details on the circumstances in which slurs and ties are appearing unnecessarily?

For what it’s worth, the trial version is exactly the same application as the paid, pro version that many of us have been using for quite some time. I’m not noticing the problems you report in regular day-to-day use.

It would be helpful if you gave us some clues as to when you think this happens.

In write mode if you select a slur it will have circular handles at each end, a tie will not.
In engrave mode they are both just lines that you can re-shape, so they look the same.

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I just type U having selected one of the notes to get rid of ties - seems the easiest way?