Can't rename a file

I get this error when I try to rename the file
“the file could not be renamed because the new location is on a different volume”

I don’t understand that. I’m not trying to move it, just rename it.


The context needs to be known. What file path? What did you do before trying to rename? Rename from WaveLab or from the OS?

It’s a file open in Wavelab. I use the F2 key to rename. Same problem on both Wavelab 10 and 9.5

The tab is yellow on the corner. The highlighted file, on the right is the one that can’t be renamed. The other can be renamed.
It’s a 32-bit file from Cubase.

If the file is opened in Cubase, this is normal. Do a “Save As” instead.

It wasn’t opened in Cubase. I even rebooted the PC in case some program was holding on to the file.


Manual says about YELLOW TAB:

Tab Change Indicators
The colored tab corner gives information on whether a file is saved or not, and whether the file
has been rendered in Cubase.

White - The file is not modified.
Green - (Audio Editor only) The file uses a decoded file format and is saved.
Red - The file has been modified and changes have not been saved yet.

Yellow - The file has been rendered in Cubase.

Unsaved changes indicator - When you have made changes to a file, an asterisk is displayed next to the file name until you save the file.