Can't rename audio files

I’m having a problem whereby some audio files I can rename within Cubase but others I cannot.

I’ve checked in the pool as well as Windows Explorer but they still seem to have the original name from when they were originally imported.

Is there something I must do, since the behavior seems to be inconsistent.

When I re-import the tempo is incorrect but the name has changed to be the file name which is what I’m really wanting.

I thought MediaBay might have something to do with it but it only shows the filename on the hard drive.


Try this: In project window with info line enabled and track unlocked, click on/select the audio part, then double click the name in the top left in the info line to rename it.

The preferred way to rename audio files is in the Cubase Project pool. The procedure to rename audio files in the pool is found in the CB7 operation manual page 380.

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Select the track>go to your info track (needs to be activated)>make sure you have “description” on>rename it there.