Can't resize video screen


I have been working with Cubase Essentials for a while and have recently been scoring a short film. I imported the video file and started the project fine. Then at some point I opened the video screen and enlarged it to fill the whole display but I’m now unable to resize it back down to where it was. For some reason when I try to grab the bottom right hand corner of the video screen to try and resize I am unable to do it. My dock appears every time I go to grab the screen as if the video screen has gone past the bottom of the display and isn’t accessible anymore. So now I am stuck with having to flick from no video screen to a full size video screen just to see what points I am at when scoring.

Can anyone suggest any keyboard commands that will make the video screen go back to it’s default setting when you first install cubase? I really need to get it back to this size so that i can carry on scoring the film whilst being able to watch the video at the same time,



Right click on it and choose Actual.

Thank you very much for replying you have saved me hours of my time. Much appreciated :smiley: