Can't resize windows (help!)

Been using 8.0.5 on Windows 8.1 since release and just ran into a new problem. Project and MixConsole windows can only be changed to 2 sizes:

1.) Maximized
2.) Full height and extending into Windows taskbar (can’t access lower right corner to resize).

When maximized either window takes over the menu bar, and in the upper right corner minimize/unmaximize/X appear. Clicking unmaximize changes the window size to full screen extending into the taskbar (the top menu bar then only has the ‘x’, while the window menu bar has minimize/mazimize/x).

The windows can be resized horizontally from the right side, but can’t be dragged up to expose the lower right corner for resizing; dragging to the top switches to maximized.

Up until now, I’ve managed to deal with the bizarre and sometimes baffling window system in version 8, but this problem I can’t figure out.