Can't return to empty bar rest

Forgive me if this has been covered before but, if so, I can’t find it.

I’m working on a new score (not imported via xml). The score is in 6/8 and there are several bars where I have deleted music and am left with 2 dotted crotched rests. No matter what I do, I seem unable to remove those and return to the default empty bar rest. I’ve removed them via the edit menu (which leaves a totally empty bar); I’ve tried inserting a dotted minim note and deleting it – everything comes back to 2 dotted crotchet rests. Any thoughts appreciated!

Do you have some (hidden) text elements in these bars?

It would be easiest to diagnose this problem if you could attach the project here so we can take a look, Roderick.

No hidden text that I know of.
Daniel – I’ll extract an offending page and PM it. I assume that a zip file will send.


I’m still not able to attach either a .dorico or .zip file!

A zip file should work fine, but it’ll need to be under 2mb in size.
If your single page project is larger than 2mb, try going to Play mode, then the Play menu > Playback Template… Set to Silence and hit Apply, then close. Then save again (and turn into a zip).

Thanks, Leo – I was careful about that. It’s only 833kB. I’ll email it to Daniel. R

I’m guessing that Roderick has tried typing SHIFT+B rest in that measure.

It sounds as though I should have been aware of that, but I wasn’t, and I thank you very much for drawing my attention to it – sorted!