Can't Run Cubase 7 Elements after reinstalling windows 7


Consider me as one of the few humans(like the rest here), who can’t live without a fully functional Cubase music production system.

I purchased Cubase Elements 7 last year. I was able to activate the software via the e-licenser control but i was not able to register Cubase Elements on My Steinberg account because of error message " the e-licenser associated with this product is deprecated" Since i was able to activate Cubase elements via the e-licenser control, i can use it fully functional so i had no worries during that time. Last week, i reinstalled my Windows 7 and that means having a new e-licenser control software. Thats where the problem starts - because i got error message when activating and registering Cubase Elements on my new operating system.

The problem:
Cubase Elements 7 is not registered on My Steinberg account because of “the e-licenser associated with this product is deprecated” error message.
Cubase Elements 7 cannot be activated on the e-licenser control software because of “the activation has already been used” error message.
Please refer to the attached pics

I contacted support team. Followed their instructions but the problem remains the same. I emailed back again and is currently waiting for reply so i think that posting this issues on the forum might a good idea for technical ( and emotional) support as well.

Will appreciate any comments, suggestions, advises on how to get Cubase Elements running again!


You have to ask official Steinberg Support for a help with your Soft-eLCC.