Can't "Save as Template"


When I try to save a project as template, I get the “Save as Template” window, but when I enter a new name and click OK, nothing happens. The windows doesn’t disappear, nothing gets saved, and nothing else works except “Cancel”.

What could possibly have gone wrong with such a simple function?

Thanks for your help.

OK, this is the one function that apparently doesn’t like symlinks — I kept the Cubase 6 Preferences folder on another drive (using “ln -s”) but this makes the template function unhappy.

Key commands, other prefs all work fine. Any chance this could be fixed?


The presets are stored in the data application folder, so replacing it with a new one can be the solution.
Make a back up first or rename the original, otherwise you loose all your personal settings like mediabay tags, own made keycommands etc etc. you can put that back in the new one later.

Article about trashing preferences:[keyword_search]=Preferences

Greetz Dylan.

ah you found the solution…

Well it’s not really a solution, since apparently the template function disregards symlinks as opposed to all other prefs in the application. This should really be an easy fix for Steinberg.