Can't save click preference


I’ve had this working fine and then suddenly developed a problem???

I can’t get VST Connections>Outputs to save the fact I want click enabled on my main outputs and headphones.
I tried deleting the old preferences files and recreating my preferences and resaving as “Default” but when I close down and reopen Cubase the outputs are not click enabled…


Do you use Control Room, or not, please?


I don’t use CR, I’m pretty new to Cubase so I was trying to keep things simple.

I have set up Devices>VST Connections and set up and saved as “Default” my inputs and outputs. I set up the “Click” option on the outputs but that is the bit that isn’t saving.

I cannot save Project Synchronisation settings either ??


I would recommend you to try the Safe Start Mode in this case.

I had the exact same thing a few months ago and it turned out it was some corruption in the project I was using. So I created a new project and copied the all data from the faulty one. That solved it for me, but it might also be necessary to reset all your preferences. Also something to keep in mind is to check your vst connections and make sure the click is set to the output bus you are are actually listening to.

Hi thanks for your replies. I did manage to cure it for a couple of days by running the e-licenser control but it has started again. What is the safest way to reset preferences?


Backup then remove the Preferences folder.

Hi thanks for that. It seems to have worked. Thanks :smiley: