Can't save percussion kit edit

These 3 instruments show up on the perc. grid on the same line so I click on grid and assign them to 3 separate lines, as in the pic, but when I hover over ‘apply’ it stays greyed out and I can’t apply it. Next time I open the edit perc group it reverts to previous all on one line. Why can’t I apply it?

I don’t think it’s possible for instruments to share a line in the grid presentation – when you say they appear on one line, do you mean actually in the notated music?

If so, what you need to change is which presentation type is being used in that layout – it sounds like it might be set to single-line instruments with them sharing a line where their notes don’t overlap?

No I mean they all appear on one line in the edit percussion kit panel that comes up. I change that to look like the pic I attached but the apply button is greyed out so I can’t save it. When I close that then the instruments all go back to being on the same line.

I think you might need to share the project file then for someone to investigate.

I wish that would be possible. Would solve a lot of problems I’m having with complex percussion scores.