Can't save presets in the Editing Window

I am working on a Windows 10 computer. I normally use one 2560 X 1080 monitor for WL. For a project I was doing a setup a second monitor. When I tried to save a plugin preset in the Editing window WL would freeze and not let me save the preset. When I went back to using only one monitor the problem did not exist. This is the first time since WL 1.6.2 that this has happened. Any ideas???

I am wondering why all the problems with this version of WL? It is similar to what happened to WL when we went from WL 6 to WL 7. It seems as though a lot of the beta testers missed a lot of the problems. I have had to go back to WL 9.5.5 since I can no longer “trust” WL 10. Too many small “gotcha” problems. Any idea of when the patch will come out??? :question: Thanks!!!

Saving a preset of what? Workspace? What do you mean with freeze? You had to hard quit WaveLab?

Master Section presets so I can recall them later for the project I am working on. Basically WL froze and I had to hit CTRL/SHIFT/ESC to get to the window where I could close out WL. Too many “bugs” that should have been caught in “beta testing”, Sorry I know it is not you PG but this version of WL seems really “buggy” and I am use to something more “stable” like version 9.5.5. I remember all the problems when WL went from Version 6 to 7. It is not fun! to be the final QC person. I love WL and it is what I use everyday but it is scary when it misbehaves and I have a deadline.

Thanks for all you do and for being on this list.

There are so many reasons why I dislike the master section, and this is one of them. I think in WL10, it’s finally possible to work in nearly any workflow and never need the global master section.

I personally keep it floating and hidden, and almost never look at it except to manage playback processing FX when needed.

Requiring the master section to be saved/loaded separate from a project is asking for trouble in so many ways. Short-term, and long-term.

If I open a project, I want it to be EXACTLY how I left it, with nothing else potential to go wrong.

Sooo true! Thanks!


I agree wholeheartedly. I wish everything to do with a project could be saved in one spot. The idea of having things in different places is scary to say the least. Maybe in WL11???

I think in WL10, there is no need to use the master section at all when working in the montage unless you still prefer that method.

Even when I’m mastering single songs, or single files, I do it in the montage, and I keep the master section hidden 100% of the time, unless something causes my Clarity M plugin to get removed from the Playback Processing slot, and I have to add it again.

WL6 to WL7 was a major structural rewrite, which meant that sometimes to make the changes possible reliable legacy code was replaced with restructured code which sadly still had some bugs in. These things happen . In this case, we know that WL10 was meant to have multichannel file handling, but it couldn’t be completed in time; so it seems pretty clear to me that there has once again been major rewriting to accommodate that change, which is included but hidden in this release - and the completion and testing has been cut short by a marketing timetable. I imagine that after a couple of patch releases for this version, 10.1 will appear with the multichannel stuff enabled and better tested as well.

I have not encountered this issue at all. And I start every project with a Master Section setting (that is subsequently saved to a montage for final adjustment and rendering). It’s real handy when you’re editing files for stuff like esses and clicks.

As a starting point, if you select ‘organize presets’ what does that look as you would expect? Is the preset that you tried to save there present?

Now it works. Before when I had two screens active all that would happen would be I would push the “save as button” and WL would freeze. Now that I am only using one screen it behaves normally and when I push the “save as” button WL asks for a name. Weird. I went back to 9.5.5 I cannot deal with all the “gotchas” in WL10.

I certainly hope so. Releasing “buggy software” is not great for a professional tool like WL. I went back to 9.5.5 and will wait for the “a couple of patch releases for this version” to be done before I come back. I remember all the problems with WL7 and don’t want to mess up someone’s mastering due to “bugs” in the software. YUCK! :open_mouth: